[Gig Review] TNGHT

I don’t usually go to many gigs that aren’t featuring rappers, but in today’s era of rap, beats are being heavily influenced by Trap and Electronic music. So who better to see than what many consider the best doing that kind of sound then Trap duo, TNGHT, live at Studio K. RD on Friday 4th October.


TNGHT is a duo made up of Producer/ DJ’s Hudson Mohawke (Scotland) and Lunice (Canada). TNGHT came into notoriety after dropping the banger “Higher Ground”, this song was up there with the biggest songs of the 2012/2013 years. This was also followed by tracks “R U Ready” “Acrylics” “Bugg’n” and remixes to massive hip hop songs such as “Clique”.

Hudson Mohawke has been everywhere early in 2013 featuring production on Kanye Wests album Yeezus, with ‘Blood on the Leaves’, ‘Connect’ off Drakes, Nothing was the same and ‘Hold On’ on My Name is my Name’ Pusha T’s recently released album. All albums in the debate for Rap Album of the Year.

After a range of DJ’s, who I must say were really good playing a lot of mixed hip hop bangers in there sets, with even Danny Browns ‘Dope Song’ featuring days after being released, the clock turned 1.30 and on came ‘TNGHT’.

TNGHT started off with a epic track that could be seen as combination of something from the sound of Star Wars mixed with ‘On Sight’ off of Yeezus, the song was a slow build to an epic drop that had music lovers and pill heads jumping around with excitement.

TNGHT blasted through remixes of Mercy, Clique, Cold along with other hip hop joints that can not be remembered, maybe due to the alcoholic fused euphoria. These songs were perfect for crowd involvement because not may people will say no to screaming out choruses such as ” You’re f**king with my clique” or “Lamborghini Mercy, You’re B**tch she’s so thirsty”.

TNGHT did not fall to the perils of what DJ’s commonly do time after time in the performance category and that is not interacting with the crowd. Lunice would often hop out from behind the decks and high five the crowd and partied to his own music.

Blood on the leaves and higher ground were probably the most climatic moments of the night with the crowd teetering on insane, body spasm dance moves and all. TNGHT did a fantastic job of creating and ebb and flow between upbeat songs, next to more slow jam to ensure the crowd could keep partying to the early 5am end. This being most notable when they played Nina Simone ‘Strange Fruit’ in its entirety and was then followed by the ‘Blood on the leaves’ track that samples it.

This gig was a real eye opener for me who has seen not too much trap music live, but it was definitely worth it. TNGHT not only played great music but put on a show by making every member of the crowd sweat up a storm. Gigs like this only create a higher anticipation for New Years.

Mitchell Northin


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