[GIG REVIEW] Freddie Gibbs

New Zealand is not often blessed with touring underground rappers; they are often mainstream or artist on the wrong side of their career. This all changed on Friday 20th September 2013 at Studio K. Rd, When NZ had the chance to see Freddie Gibbs a rapper on the come up. After the exit of P.Money who turned the crowd up with every hip hop banger of the past year, Gibbs came to the forefront.

Freddie Gibbs lived up to his pseudonym “Gangsta Gibbs” as he walked out onto stage in his Adidas tracksuit, air forces and accompanied with an All Black scarf draped around his neck. He then proceeded in asking the crowed to raise their middle finger as he repeatedly chanted “F**K the Police”.


Gibbs had just prior to this concert released his album E$GN and had seen him climb up the current day Gangsta rap lists proving that he was more than gang signs and rapping about “ mixing up that YOLA” and proved lyricism that was not commonly seen today in this sub genre.

Freddie Gibbs showman skills were unparalleled by many artists in todays rap game, taking off his shirt, freestyle adlibs and giving his deathly stare, that screamed with the pain witnessed in the streets of one of the roughest ghettos, Gary, Indiana. Freddie Gibbs interacted with the crowd, and often went accapella giving the crowd the full imagery of his gritty lyrics.

Songs such as ‘Have you seen her’ allowed the crowd to scream back the lyrics “ I got pounds of Keisha, Dope house full of geekers, looking for that white bitch; Cocaina have you seen her” and also the banger ‘One Eighty Seven’ created a buzz throughout the hip hop head filled crowd.

One of the more surprising highlights was Freddie Gibbs talking about how he wished David Dallas was here so that he would be able to preform their collaborated banger “Caught in a Daze”, and then to everyone’s surprise out came D.Dot, which was met with a flurry of excitement from the packed venue.

Gibbs partied with the crowd drinking and smoking to E$GN and some of his bangers that dropped previously to this album. Gangster Gibbs also graced us with a new track called “Can’t tell me shit”, off his upcoming collaborative album produced by Madlib, this track was fire and definitely built suspense for this album drop.

This concert was up there with my favorites, and I have seen most of the rappers that have ventured to New Zealand over the past few years. Gibbs did not seem to treat this show as a mere stop on the tour but as an opportunity to build on his ever-growing following. This concert has left me waiting for that new Freddie Gibbs X Madlib collaboration Piñata, on February 4th 2014. Next time we see him he will probably be rapping at a bigger venue with a much-earned larger audience.

Mitchell Northin


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