[Watch] Prince Ea – Who Killed Hip Hop

Alright, so Prince Ea is a 25 year old from Saint Louis who is making waves with this latest video ‘Who Killed Hip Hop?’ The start of the video features a fake ‘Robert Connors’ character who is made out to be a US government “whistleblower”, however this whole segment is falsified. Once this is over, the music video actually starts. A pretty interesting piece, ending with Ea proclaiming he’s finally figured out an age old question – who killed hip hop? Hopsin is also featured at the end. Something to stay tuned for, or cheesy publicity stunt? Regardless, it’s a pretty nice effort. Here it is:

Check out a review/recap of the video here:

If you’re interested in Prince Ea check out his message to President Obama: ‘Smoking Weed with the President’


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