[Review] A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

A$AP Fergs album ‘Traplord’ has finally hit the shelves and it was definitely worth the wait. The A$AP Mob have been dominating the rap scene as of late. After Rocky was signed for a $3 million deal with RCA records we all wondered what the rest of the mob had to offer, however Ferg ended up being signed soon after. We have had a taste of the young “fergenstein” through Rocky’s ‘Kissin Pink’ track off his 2011 LiveLoveA$AP mixtape, and on Ferg’s trap banger ‘Work’ off the 2012 Lords Never Worry release by the whole mob. Ferg is one of the only A$AP Mob members (besides Rocky) to show a unique flair and stand out from the pack.

The world was excited when ‘Traplord ’was announced because it was finally time for Ferg to step into the spotlight and hopefully continue the resurrection of New York hip hop. Ferg’s unique style is evident throughout the entire album, he is able to define his original sound and bring aspectcs of his personality to the forefront; letting the world know who Fergenstein is and that he’s not to be taken lightly.

The 13 piece mixtape-turned-album starts off with a few bangers to get it started. ‘Let It Go’ is the opening track and is a fair indication of what Ferg, real name Darold Ferguson Jr, is about to do. The airy but thumping beat is a great way to open the album, immediately letting listeners know what he’s about. Ferg may often seem heavily into fashion but don’t let that fool you, his flow is ruthless and deadly. For any first time listeners who are unaware of him, he makes a brief introduction. “This that Fergenstein and I be down to let it go, semi or the tech spray it at them then reload”.

Next up is the A$AP Rocky assisted ‘Shabba’. This infectious, knocker of a track provides Ferg and Rocky the perfect chance to spill a few verbal jabs and gloat about some of their new found success. “Short n***a but my dick tall, what I tell your bitch dawg? Only thug n***a down at the pitchfork, dirty van bitches wanna suck my dick off”.  You are bound to have heard this song everywhere, and for good reason.

Following up ‘Shabba’ is the song ‘Lord’. Another standout track from the album, Ferg even grabs a few hip hop lords to feature on the record; Bone Thugs and Harmony, undeniable legends of the rap game. The beat definitely compliments Bone Thugs style and shows Ferg can trade bars with some of the greatest hip hop has ever seen. The next song ‘Hood Pope’ is quite the opposite from it’s predecessor and shows just how versatile Ferg’s flow is. The melodic beat allows the self-proclaimed deacon of the streets to paint a picture about the death of a young child.

Ferg gets even more personal with ‘Fergivicious’. A standout track as he spits some rapid fire verses about who he really is, bitches and bonding with Rocky over both their fathers’ deaths. “Riding in a limo with a bunch of fake friends who be only around me cause I make ends. I feel the pain for my bro cause his dad died, my daddy gone too my n***a, that’s life”. 

After we hear Ferg getting it on for the ‘4:02’ skit we move onto ‘Dump Dump’ where he oozes charisma, bragging about how he’s going to fuck your bitch over one of the premier instrumentals on the record. This song would definitely turn up with Ferg performing it live. Work (Remix) is the next single off the album with great features from A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Trinidad James and an easily missable performance from French Montana.

On one of the less standout tracks ‘Didn’t Wanna Do That’ we hear of the damage that street violence can cause as “guns go flirt” and leave people dead in the street. Waka Flocka Flame and Ferg describe a very graphic scene of bloody murder and violence on ‘Murda Something’. “Bloody murder, I lay you to rest. Aim for the head ain’t no need for a vest. Can’t nothing protect you from this tech. Street educated, no use for G-tech”. The young fergenstein seems to have a knack for describing acts of violence; this is a deadly combinaton of his upbringing and storytelling abiloty.

It seems Ferg has put all his energetic style into the first half of the album, making the second half seem rather incomplete. As Madd Moiselle sings the sweet chorus for ‘Make a Scene”, A$AP Ferg lets everyone know what will end up happening if he is forced to do what the track title suggests. On ‘Fuck Out My Face’, Ferg proves he can keep up with some of raps old school heavy weights who include B-Real (Cypress Hill), Aston Matthews and Onyx.

The last track off the 13 piece offering is ‘Cocaine Castle’. Ferg is able to paint a very vivid depiction of the horrors of crack cocaine, telling the stories of pimps, doctors in suits and the crying of babies as their mom is indulging in the ‘white lady’. With help from some on-point production, the final verse shows a rather dark side to Ferg as he doesn’t seem as funny and quirky as he is on previous tracks.

“Tripping off this weed got a n***a slow motion. Chills all over my body like some cold lotion. Tryna wrestle demons like I’m fucking Hulk Hogan. Looking for the cure but I’m seeing no potion… Tryna sleep it off but it only gets worse, Seems like my whole life fucking been cursed. Devil tryna get me in this fucking paradise. Fucking all these bitches raw just to roll the dice”.

Ferg has just started in the rap game but is already making waves. He has a super versatile flow and can switch up his style to suit nearly any type of production. This shows he can put a lot more substance into his music rather than keeping to the generic trap genre. His versatile style seems to outdo that of the other A$AP Mob members, including Rocky. Although if Ferg has any goals of making it to the main stream, the violence and bloody painted images will need to be toned down. Even though the mixtape-turned-album feels as if there is missing something, this is still a great first piece of work for Ferg and gets me excited for his next offering. If he continues to harness his emotional storytelling alongside making club bangers, I see big things in store for the young Trap Lord in the near future.





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