Caroles are a recently formed 3-piece outfit from Auckland that deliver a brand of energetic, raw alternative music that will leave your Grandma swinging from a chandelier, ears bleeding and gagging for more. Formed from Tied on Teeth and Bandicoot and inspired by 420 & BasedGod, Caroles are already beginning to make a dent in the Auckland music scene.

On the tail of their self-titled EP, I was able to catch these dudes live at the Lucha Lounge in Newmarket and it was fucking impressive to say the least. Despite a reasonably dull crowd, their set completely defied the environment. The slightly awkward silence was thrown on it’s head as soon as they began. Subdued chatter gave way to thrashing guitars, pounding drums and howling vocals that would have been heard from miles away. The frantic energy of their set was unrivalled, as guitarist/vocalist Reuben Winter and bassist Hugh Piesse threw themselves recklessly around the stage, flailing back and forth while making regular trips deep into the small crowd. And before I knew it, it was all over. With a mumbled “Thank you”, Caroles were gone and the rollercoaster was over.

Listen to their self-titled EP belowCaroles is available for download from


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