Jimi Hendrix ‘People, Hell & Angels’ album set for release. Listen to track ‘Somewhere’

An album consisting of previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix songs is set to be dropped on March 4th. Listen exclusively to ‘Somewhere’ off the forthcoming LP below.

The 12-track record People, Hell & Angels is said to be made up of material recorded after the release of Electric Ladyland, from 1968 until his unfortunate demise in 1970. Track ‘Earth Blues’ has been circulating the blogosphere as of late, but this song was actually featured on First Rays of the Rising Sun and is not entirely “unreleased”. ‘Izabella’ is in the same boat as ‘Earth Blues’, it was on First Rays of the Rising Sun too. Nevertheless, check out the tracklist and listen to ‘Somewhere’:

Full tracklist:

Earth Blues
Hear My Train A Comin’
Bleeding Heart
Let Me Move You
Easy Blues
Crash Landing
Inside Out
Hey Gypsy Boy
Mojo Man
Villanova Junction Blues

LISTEN: Somewhere – Jimi Hendrix

Although, it may not be what Jimi would have wanted, for his unfinished material to be released to the world, I’m still pretty eager to see what raw gems could potentially be on People, Hell & Angels. The whole concept of releasing artist’s albums after their death sort of rubs me the wrong way, especially with Tupac and Notorious B.I.G’s post-death releases (not to mention the hologram ordeal at last year’s Coachella). To me it just seems disrespectful and in bad taste. But, seeing as Jimi is one of my all-time favourites and anything he shreds seems to sound awesome, I may be willing to make an exception. MAY.


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