Night Gaunts!

Hailing from my home-town of Auckland, New Zealand, Night Gaunts are something a little different. A busy fusion of genres ultimately create a very unique sound, one that is truly their own; combining elements of punk, ska, hip hop and reggae. Their break-neck pace is fuelled by a wide range of instruments that all blend effortlessly to produce unadulterated good vibes that will leave you lusting for more. Insightful, creative lyrics are also a strong point from their recordings, along with epic sing-a-long choruses. Combine all these elements and you have a sure fire winning formula, and a band with a huge future ahead of them.

After having the pleasure of witnessing a live show, it’s easy to vouch for Night Gaunts. Their vivacious, energetic live set completely stole the spotlight of that particular gig and the crowd were gagging for more. Frontman and brains of the project Paul Jonassen’s vocal delivery is something to behold, while the live band delivered the unbridled energy that is the essence of Night Gaunt’s uplifting, feel-good sound.

Coming off the release of 6-track EP ‘Love Life & The Devil’, a tour of the United States and Canada is on the cards for July/August this year, something that their ever-increasing international fan base have been waiting for. Help support these dudes by visiting their BANDCAMP SITE where all albums and EP’s are on sale (super cheap), along with merchandising. Every dollar counts so do your bit and help get one of New Zealand’s premier up-and-coming bands out to the world!

Have a listen to some of the Gaunts tunes here:

Night Gaunts – Money Money Money (Love Life & The Devil)

Night Gaunts – Crowned By The Devil (Love Life & The Devil)

Night Gaunts – Pink Lagoon (Love Life & The Devil)

Night Gaunts – They’ll Kill Us All… (Full Body Tourettes pt II)

Night Gaunts – Shivers (Full Body Tourettes pt II)

Night Gaunts – Lo Fi, One Mic (Full Body Tourettes pt II)

Studio performance of ‘Lo Fi, One Mic’ @ 95bFM:

Also, get connected with Night Gaunts on:


Twitter –



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