Wavves ‘Demon To Lean On’, New album & tour information

Wavves Share Full Album Details, New Track

Wavves upcoming album Afraid of Heights is set to be released on March 26th (USA) via record label Mom + Pop. After dropping the  music video for ‘Sail To The Sun’, the band have shared another track ‘Demon To Lean On’, along with the album artwork (above) and full tracklist.

Listen to ‘Demon To Lean On’: 


01 Sail to the Sun
02 Demon to Lean On
03 Mystic
04 Lunge Forward
05 Dog
06 Afraid of Heights
07 Paranoid
08 Cop
09 Beat Me Up
10 Everyhting Is My Fault
11 That’s On Me
12 Gimme a Knife
13 I Can’t Dream
14 Hippies Is Punks (iTunes Bonus)

North America Tour Information can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/wavveswavves/demon-to-lean-on

To pre-order Afraid of Heights: bit.ly/WKyoLY

Hope you’re all as excited as I am! FUCKYESFUCKYESFUCKYES


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